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EU Border Opening Details

The Council of the European Union adopted a recommendation on the gradual lifting of the temporary restrictions on non-essential travel into the EU. Countries on the safe list are: Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay. The list also provisionally includes China, although certain conditions have to be met. The US is at present excluded due to the epidemiology status of the virus. This list will be reviewed and updated every two weeks. The final decision on approved countries for entry remains with each member state because while the list is recommended at Council level it is not legally binding. Border control remains a national decision.

Some exemptions will be made for essential travel from countries not on the approved list. This includes highly qualified third-country workers if their employment is necessary from an economic perspective and the work cannot be postponed or performed abroad.

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  • Austria has reopened most commerce, parks, restaurants, and service businesses 
  • Large gatherings and cultural events are expected to resume in June and July 

TRAVEL: Limited number of international flights to Austria; still a general travel warning until 30 June advising against non-essential travel

BORDERS: Quarantine and entry restrictions are lifted for European Union and Schengen nationals; Entry for non-EU nationals arriving via air is suspended; Non-EU nationals at EU borders must provide a negative COVID-19 test not older than 4 days and must quarantine for 14 days 

IMMIGRATION: As most embassies remain closed, longer wait times can be expected to obtain an appointment

LOCAL/FEDERAL REGISTRATION: Residence Registration Service Centers in Vienna are open by appointment only for in- person services; Alternatively, and outside of Vienna, a Dwellworks consultant can virtually assist with the registration process via mail 

DRIVERS LICENSE: Most authorities and driving schools remain closed and services will resume once the responsible authority reopens 

BANKING: Bank account opening via ERSTE is possible via a phone appointment; Passport and Austrian mobile phone number are required; The process is in German and can be assisted by Dwellworks via phone 


  • Home finding for assignees in-country is conducted virtually or partly in person
  • A normal supply is available and can be sourced via trusted estate agents 
  • Rental rates remain constant
  • All parties are required to wear masks and practice social distancing at viewings 


  • Schools and kindergartens have reopened and are operating on a reduced schedule; Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays or Tuesdays/Thursdays for all children
  • Primary school children are minded at school on school-free days
  • Safety and health regulations apply 




  • Much of German commerce and public spaces have reopened however specific schedules and phases for reopening and health and safety regulations set by each state  
  • New infection numbers are closely monitored so possible restrictions may be re-introduced should they go up over a certain rate per district in the various states   
  • Masks required in shops, public transport, schools, public buildings and safety distancing of 1.5 meters apply

TRAVEL: Limited number of international flights to Germany; There is still a general travel warning until 1 July advising against non-essential travel 

BORDERS: Quarantine and entry restrictions are lifted for European Union and Schengen nationals. The Germany Luxembourg border is open; Borders are closed for non-EU foreign nationals except those with valid visa or residence/work permit

IMMIGRATION: Most embassies remain closed and longer wait times can be expected to obtain an appointment; it is possible to get residence/work permit renewals for those in the country 

LOCAL/FEDERAL REGISTRATION: Some offices are starting to reopen while others continue with online services only; Office open status will vary depending on state and city 

DRIVERS LICENSE: Most authorities and driving schools remain closed and services will resume once the responsible authority reopens; Once services available, non-EU residents will be able to seek written extensions to complete the driver’s license process based on local requirements; The timeline until a German driver's license needs to be in place is extended from the usual 6 months to 2 months after establishing residency  

BANKING: Banks have modified hours with some face-to-face appointments; online banking is encouraged  


  • Home finding for in-country assignees is being conducted virtually or partly in person 
  • Supply is limited; however, rental rates remain steady 
  • Properties are being shown to less parties and with more thorough tenant screening 
  • Masks and social distancing are enforced for in-person showings as well as separate travel to properties


  • Schools are partly reopening with reduced schedule and safety and health regulations 
  • Some subjects will continue to be taught via homeschooling 
  • Each kindergarten setting their own regulations for opening



  • The reconfigured 4 phase Roadmap for Reopening Society and Business is currently in Phase 2 with Phase 3 beginning on 29 June and Phase 4 on 20 July
  • Retail outlets, cafes, and restaurants providing on-premise food and beverages are now open and must comply with social distancing and strict cleaning protocols

TRAVEL: Residents are advised to avoid non-essential travel to all other countries; Public transport timetables returned to normal but overall passenger capacity is restricted to 20% of pre-COVID levels; It should only be used by essential workers or other people making essential journeys; Face masks are advised on public transport

BORDERS: Borders are open, however anyone entering Ireland must self-isolate for 14 days; New entrants are asked to complete a Public Health Passenger Locator Form upon arrival detailing where they plan to isolate 

IMMIGRATION: New visa applications are not being processed except for emergency visas and immediate family members of Irish citizens  

LOCAL/FEDERAL REGISTRATION: Personal Public Service (PPS) office is currently closed however applications can be submitted via by email; The Irish Residence Permit (IRP) office is currently closed -everyone will receive an extension of their temporary stamp on arrival 

DRIVERS LICENSE: The National Driving License offices are now open by appointment only. Current licenses expiring from 1 March to 30 June are extended by 4 months; New applications for driver’s licenses can be submitted online 

BANKING: The banks are not open for face to face appointments, Dwellworks can assist in opening accounts via email 


  • Letting Agents have resumed in-person property viewings  
  • Viewings are limited to a maximum of 2 people and the Agent  
  • Social distancing measures apply 


  • Schools will remain closed until September 
  • School research and application submission are still possible
  • Childcare facilities will be fully open 29 June; Application submission possible 




  • The Government of Luxembourg moved to the last phase of its exit strategy with most retail, restaurants, gyms, museums, salons, and churches opening with obligatory safety measures

TRAVEL: Residents are advised to avoid non-essential travel to all other countries 

BORDERS: Luxembourg-Germany border is open; Borders are closed to non-EU nationals until 1 July with exemptions for citizens of the EU, Schengen countries and the UK and their family members to return to their place of residence, long-term residents, health professionals, transport workers, cross-border workers from France, Belgium and Germany, diplomats and employees of international organizations, transit passengers, and those travelling for urgent and justified family reasons  

IMMIGRATION: The Immigration Directorate is not accepting manual applications or document submissions, and all reception desks are closed until further notice; Appointments can be made in emergency situations; Residence permits which expired since March, have now been extended for at least two more months, till 31 August 

LOCAL/FEDERAL REGISTRATION: Offices are now opened to apply for residency permits; Appointments can be made online; Residence permits which expired since March, have now been extended for at least two more months, until 31 August

DRIVERS LICENSE: Offices are now opened to apply for driver’s license; Appointments can be made online 

BANKING: Although banks are beginning to open for in-person services, online banking is encouraged when possible 


  • In-person property viewings are allowed while following health, safety and social distancing measures


  • All public schools, public and private day-care centers and out of school centers have reopened



ENGLAND: Spending time outdoors, meeting up to 6 people from a different household outdoors (following social distancing guidelines), exercising outside, using outdoor sports courts or facilities, such as tennis, basketball or golf are now permitted; All non-essential retail, outdoor markets, and garden centers are now open

NORTHERN IRELAND: A five-stage plan for easing out of the lock down has been published but without a specific timetable; Residents may leave their houses but are advised to stay at home as much as possible 

SCOTLAND: Meeting another household outside, sunbathing, and outdoor activities are now allowed; Garden centers and restaurant drive through and take away service is open; Some outdoor work can begin; Childcare centers are open; As of 22 June, dentists, places of worship (for individual prayer), construction and professional sport will be allowed to reopen/resume; As of 29 June, shops of all sizes will be allowed to reopen but only if they have outdoor entrances/exits; Outdoor markets, sports courts, playgrounds, garden attractions and zoos will be allowed to open 

TRAVEL: All those entering the UK from abroad must quarantine for 14 days; All arriving passengers will be required to complete and submit a contact locator form, including details of their self-isolation accommodation. If this does not meet the necessary requirements, they will have to self-isolate in facilities arranged by the government 

BORDERS: Borders are open

IMMIGRATION: For those in the UK - visas due to run out between 24 January and 31 July will be extended until 31 July, if unable to leave the UK an extension must be filed; For those wanting to come to the UK - some visa application services have resumed 

LOCAL/FEDERAL REGISTRATION: National Insurance Numbers application can be completed online 

DRIVERS LICENSE: Applications for standard driving license exchanges are being processed but may be delayed; Practical and theory driving tests are only available for essential workers   

BANKING: Many banks can now open accounts online and via video call 

ENGLAND: Estate agents are now permitted to show properties, provided that social distancing guidelines are followed 

NORTHERN IRELAND: Only virtual services currently available 

SCOTLAND: Only virtual services currently available 

ENGLAND: The government has decided that schools will not fully reopen until September. The exception is for Secondary school years 10 and 12 (with important exams next year), they have started back to school 

NORTHERN IRELAND: Schools remain closed with no published plans to reopen 

SCOTLAND: Schools will reopen 11 August



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