Last updated 10 July 2020

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  • The government announced a three-step plan to reopen the country's economy by July
  • VICTORIA: Up to 20 people will be allowed to gather in public spaces or outside. Cafes, restaurants, beauty parlors will be able to seat 20 patrons in an enclosed space 
  • NEW SOUTH WALES: Pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants will be allowed to seat up to 50 customers, physical distancing requirements permitting 

TRAVEL: Overseas travel is banned, with some exceptions for aid workers and compassionate travel; Any person – regardless of citizenship or residency status – arriving from any international destination are required to undertake a compulsory 14-day quarantine at designated facilities (for example, a hotel) in their port of arrival at public expense 

BORDERS: Borders remain closed to all non-citizens or permanent residents; Overseas travel is banned, with some exceptions such as aid workers and compassionate travel 

IMMIGRATION: Immigration office are operational; Applications can still be submitted online and via post, though processing of applications may be delayed 

LOCAL/FEDERAL REGISTRATION: Tax File Number (TFN) application is available online 

DRIVERS LICENSE: Many state offices have modified hours and available in person services; Online service options are available  

BANKING: Bank branches are open and have instituted social distancing measures; Most services available online 


  • Home finding services and open house showings have resumed 


  • All students are back to school full-time 




  • Following a localized outbreak of the virus at a wholesale market, all of Beijing is now back to public health emergency level II, raised from level 111. Several districts in Beijing have consequently been put under lockdown
  • Outside of Beijing, China has continued to ease social distancing measures, opening many public spaces, barsrestaurants, gyms, and cinemas; Shanghai is deemed nearly back to ‘normal’
  • While public spaces are open, larger gatherings and group activities are still restricted  
  • Friends and family can visit each other’s homes although many compounds still require everyone to register and check for a green health code clearance 
  • Temperature checks are being less strictly implemented in many public spaces although still widely enforced for public transportation 

TRAVEL: A limited number of international flights are permitted to enter China, with a general guideline of one flight per week per country; Currently exploring increased inbound flights based on agreed terms between countries; At present, anyone arriving from abroad will need to undergo a 14-day quarantine - either at home or at a government-directed facility 

BORDERS: Entry for non-Chinese nationals is still generally denied, even for those holding existing visas and work and resident permits; Exceptions are increasing with some companies being able to apply for special entry permits on the grounds of their employees being deemed ‘essential to business operations’ 

IMMIGRATION: Transferees are required to visit the Exit and Entry Administration Bureau to apply for a new stay-in/residence visa before expiration, with appropriate reasons for extension and application delay; New work permit applications can still be submitted through the standard online application process and original, face to face documents verification for most applications is waived; In-person application at the local bureau is required for new residence permit 

LOCAL/FEDERAL REGISTRATION: No restrictions or delays to the process 

DRIVERS LICENSE: Driving License conversion can be conducted locally, after the mandatory 14-day quarantine 

BANKING: No impact. Bank account openings can still be conducted, after the mandatory 14-day quarantine  


  • Each compound management or neighborhood community bureau sets their own regulation on quarantine measures and compound entry 
  • Most compounds have lifted or eased the requirement, allowing for more direct access to apartments or houses 
  • Beijing has returned to tighter screening and currently visitors can only enter with the health pass mobile app and temperature checks
  • We are restricting the amount of people viewing properties at one time to a maximum of 4
  • Due to the decrease in demand, landlords are more accommodating to the request for discounts in both Shanghai and Beijing 
  • We are currently conducting property viewings in several locations, mainly for domestic or inter-city moves 


  • Schools in Beijing have closed due to the recent localized outbreak, and end of year formalities are being conducted remotely  
  • Several international schools have re-opened in Shanghai and many other cities
  • Most kindergarten, primary, and secondary years outside of Beijing are open 
  • Online learning and virtual study programs continue for pupils unable to return to China and for younger children
  • While campus visits are still not available, Admissions Offices are generally working and in contact regarding submitted applications


  • Dwellworks is able to deliver all Visa & Immigration services as per our service description. Some delays are still to be expected due to backlog at the Labour and Exit and Entry Bureau. For accompanied service, masks will be provided to the assignee/dependent  




  • Ongoing reopening is extended to leisure and cultural venues and events
  • Outdoor sports courts and swimming pools have reopened
  • Major facilities such as concert halls, theaters, auditoriums, cultural activities halls and arenas will be limited to half of the original capacity; Consecutive seats will be limited to 16, and alternative rows will be taken where practicable
  • Visitors to performance venues, museums, and libraries must use hand sanitizer and will be subject to temperature checks before admission

TRAVEL: Travel is severely restricted with most international flights still being cancelled. Hong Kong airport is operating at 10% capacity; A 14-day compulsory home (or other accommodation) quarantine order is in place and has been extended until 7 July for travelers from mainland China, Macau and Taiwan, and 18 September for international arrivals. There are certain hotels and serviced apartments willing to accept bookings from travelers observing quarantine. Dwellworks can assist with these bookings 

BORDERS: At present only permanent residents or those with existing temporary resident permits can enter Hong Kong 

IMMIGRATION: Immigration Department has resumed full operation 


LOCAL/FEDERAL REGISTRATION: Hong Kong ID cards can be issued as normal 

DRIVERS LICENSE: Driver’s license application services are available 

BANKING: Full services are available 


  • Services can be delivered as per standard service description and KPIs. Masks are required to be worn by assignees during service delivery, and social distancing measures apply 


  • The academic year has already drawn to a close for most schools, with the remainder breaking up for summer on 26 June. Schools will wait for guidelines from the Education Bureau as to what protective measures must be in place when the new school year recommences around 10 August
  • School Admissions: For relocating executives and their families, Admissions Departments are operating as usual for enrollment


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